Laura Kinsler


  • Executive Coach, Facilitator and Researcher.

  • Have coached Executives and Business Leaders in Sydney, Singapore and Scotland over the last 10 years.

  • Have been developing and facilitating workshops since 2015.

  • Spent over 10 years working in Marketing and Branding roles in Sydney and London on the client (NCR and Canon) and agency side.

  • Completed a Masters of Organisational Coaching at the University of Sydney in 2009 under Dr. Anthony Grant and his team.

  • Had a paper published in 2014 on the Development of Authentic Leadership using Mindfulness and Executive Coaching in the International Coaching Psychology Review. I can send you a copy if you are interested.

  • Invited to present the paper at the International Psychology Conference in Paris in June 2014.

  • Once the Vision, Missions and Values Specialist for Canon Australia. Yes a crazy role but taught me a lot about authentic cultural change.

  • Based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

For more information on Yellow Owl please don't hesitate to contact me at laura@yellowowl.co.uk or                                                          read more on the Yellow Owl blog.


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