I found Laura very inspirational and the workshop itself was incredibly useful - both as coach and coachee! 

Feedback by a staff member from

Stripe Communications who participated in a

Yellow Owl Introduction to Coaching Workshop.


As well as our workshops we also offer team, group coaching and staff feedback workshops.


Our coaching programs are anchored in an evidence-based approach. We draw on various sources including but not limited to, sports psychology, positive psychology, psychology, education, and business literature.


The team coaching focuses on a team goal and works with whatever emerges from the group. Throughout the process we look at what is the team trying to achieve and what is getting in their way. The group coaching uses similar principles but participants are working on individual goals.


We also work with staff to explore key subject matters that may be arising within the organisation. For example do staff feel that the organisation authentically values and encourages diversity? Are flexible working hours working for eveyone? We will run staff workshops, collect views and feedback to Senior Management key themes as well as possible ways forward.


For more information feel free to contact Laura Kinsler, the founder of Yellow Owl, at laura@yellowowl.co.uk.