Thank you!

Dear reader,

Hi, I know it has been a while. Reminded of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation, I thought I would write.

Firstly, I just want to thank you for reading my wee bit of content. I am forever grateful.

Secondly, regarding your data please be aware:

- In order to send out this blog I hold your email address. This is held in a Wix database. I do not and will not use this data for any other reason than sending you this blog.

- Wix have their own privacy policy which can be found here.

- If at any point you do not want to receive the blog please email me directly at and I will remove you immediately.

- Yellow Owl also has its own privacy policy which I can email out on request.

I also keep meaning to mention that if you have your own blog I would love to subscribe to it, so

please feel free to send me details.

THANK YOU so much for your continued support,

Laura Kinsler

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