I don't believe there is one way to inspire positive performance in everyone. So I offer a number of services.

  • Executive Coaching.

    • I use the P6 ConstellationTM (Gardiner 2020) framework to help you be more present to what is in you, so that you can be more present to your world. I will hold a space for you and help illuminate patterns that may no longer serve you. This means that you will be able to show up fully, being & doing (Purpose) your authentic self, and being able to respond from a place of flow (Presence) not attached to future Outcomes and not reacting or forcing a way forward. 

  • Facilitated Workshops.

    • Some of the Yellow Owl workshops include:

      • An Introduction to Authentic Leadership

      • Mindfulness at Work

      • Introduction to Coaching

      • Dealing with Ambiguity and Change from an Authentic Leadership Perspective.

    • The workshops are grounded in evidence but offer practical tools that people can apply immediately.​

For more information about any of the above please contact me at or read more on the Yellow Owl blog.